The Perils of Relying on YouTube for Your POS System

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Last weekend, I tried to change the low-beam headlight on my Subaru Outback. I have to say, I really appreciated YouTube helping me understand that what I thought would be a simple fix, would be impossible. It turns out, whoever designed the 2010-2013 Outback headlight assembly decided to challenge the patience of ordinary humans and make it complicated, frustrating and painful. There’s even a class action lawsuit related to it. Many people that attempt the fix, end up giving up and taking it to a dealer. After more than 2 hours fussing with it, I gave up.

Luckily, I wasn’t losing money from paying customers while watching a 40 minute YouTube video to learn the exact procedure for bulb replacement. Many of our POS system clients haven’t been so lucky.

POS Solutions, not Troubles

Too often we come into businesses that have been backed into a corner by long waits on the phone for customer support. They’ve been turning away customers for a day or two as they waited for a call back. They are referred to YouTube videos to help navigate confusing POS-system backends. They’re worn out. They’ve thrown in the towel.

At Motus, we’ve seen this side of the POS business. Great POS platforms that were never installed correctly or completely. The business owner was left to figure it out on the fly with remote support. This isn’t how it should be. And it isn’t how it works when you choose Motus Financial as your POS and payment processing provider. The software and credit card processing POS equipment is only as good as the provider.

Remote vs Local Support

There are literally tons of how-to videos on YouTube helping people figure out how to configure a Point of Sale system. Searching for “how-to POS system” yields more than 2 Million results on YouTube. It’s telling that so many companies rely on remote video support to help their clients rather than taking the bull by the horns. We can’t be the finger that processes every order in your business, but it’s our job to make sure the system is working and that you are able to use it.

Our support is local. Done by real people. That work for us. Seems simple, right?

Uptime is Everything

When we got a call from a pizza restaurant entrepreneur last year, he said he had spent more than 8 hours over two days trying to get his system running. He turned away hundreds of customers that didn’t have cash and was completely at the whim of a call center. He spoke with more than 20 people during that time. He was referred to YouTube videos. He was told everything was fine on their end. He was told to call his internet service provider. At the end of the 2nd day, he called us.

We offered immediate support and help him set up the system correctly for his business. And when we finished, we asked him, “Is there anything else we can do?” Maybe someday YouTube will have an interactive feature, but right now, there is no one there to make sure the do-it-alone support actually worked. Just like when I went to change my headlight, we all realize that some things are better left to the experts.

Moving Forward

It’s a pretty simple process to get started with us. It’s not an exaggeration to say that most of our clients wish they had made the change years ago, but were reluctant because they thought the process was hard. We have streamlined the process to eliminate pain points and are able to guide you through the process with a ton of respect for your time. Check out our current POS solutions.

Our motto is “Moving Forward” and it is our desire to help your business positively grow in many ways. Get started today by calling us at 608-819-8666 or visit us online anytime at



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