Benefits of Working With Motus Financial

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Motus Financial is a different kind of payment processing partner. We constantly work to develop competitive advantages for our clients by flexing our payment processing acumen. Our business focus game plan for clients is highlighted below.

Minimize Costs

  • Yes, credit card processing costs money, but we believe in finding a balance between what helps our clients and what allows us to provide our ideal client experience. Instead of using our expertise to primarily improve our own profits, we will use it to help improve yours.
  • Why? Because we see competitors take advantage of merchants almost every day. We know what it feels like when a company takes advantage of you and we don’t ever want our clients to ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever feel like that about card processing ever again.

Help you achieve your payment processing needs

  • We have technology and solutions for almost any payment experience you can imagine; whether you need to take payments in the field, online, in automated recurring billing, in the office, or over the phone.
  • Why? Because when you get what you need, we get what we need. Simple as that.

Provide Support to you and your team

  • You will be supported locally, by a team who is eager to help you in the most helpfully efficient way possible. They’re reachable by phone and email.
  • If the primary support team is unavailable, you will be supported by a local back-up team, who is equally motivated to ensure your happiness. This team is also reachable by phone and email.
  • If the back-up team is unavailable, there is another team available by phone, 24/7/365.
  • Why three levels of support? Well, when we have a serious problem, we want it solved as soon as possible. So, we want to talk with someone who knows who we are and what our situation is. But if they’re not available, we’ll take the next most friendly and reliable person. If they’re not available, we’ll take anyone who will listen.

Expert Guidance

  • Use our 30+ years knowledge and experience to provide you with perspective, education, and guidance on issues that arise with technology, changes in our industry, and other important matters.
  • Why? The more you know, more likely you are to stay a client of ours and tell your friends about us.

Moving Forward with Motus

If you aren’t a customer already, it’s a pretty simple process to get started with us. It’s not an exaggeration to say that most of our clients wish they had made the change years ago, but were reluctant because they thought the process was difficult. We have a streamlined process and will guide you through every step. Check out our current POS solutions.

Our motto is “Moving Forward” and it is our desire to help your business positively grow in many ways. Get started today by calling us at 608-819-8666 or visit us online anytime at

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