The big, bad EMV monster is coming…

 In EMV Chip

…are you ready?

(We’re kidding–about the monster part.)

EMV cards are more secure than traditional magstrip cards, and your inability to accept them puts your customers’ data in needless jeopardy.

But please remember, EMV chip acceptance is nothing to worry about. Like any other business change, you just have to roll with it.

The deadline you need to keep in mind is 10-1-15. By this date, your company should be fully prepared to accept EMV chip cards.

If you want help preparing for EMV chip cards or NFC (Apple Pay) transactions, contact us today. Our stress-free approach to EMV chip processing is affordable and easy.

Remember, Motus Financial is more than a payment processor.  We help determine the most appropriate technology for your processing needs at a cost you can afford. We are your technology partner at every level.