Restaurant POS System Guide for New Owners

 In Point of Sale

So you finally done it, you went out on your own and now are the proud owner of a dining establishment.  After you decide what’s on the menu and how late you will be open, you will eventually have to decide what point of sale system you will depend on for the important part…. bringing in all the money.  Here are some key pointers for those that are shopping POS systems and maybe for those who are ready to switch.

Price of the POS System

Price is always a main factor for most entrepreneurs.  What most people tend to forget is…it may be low cost, but is it low headaches? Restaurateurs can relate, after all who would want to eat a $2 steak?  I’m sure you have heard the horror stories of some processors holding onto money for several months, with no one to call, just e-mails sent into the online abyss. What you must consider is the overall costs and time associated with dealing with your system.  Taking money out of the bank is equally important as putting it in.

Restaurant POS Hardware

It is hard to gauge how much and the type of hardware that your new venture will need.  That’s where dealing with a human being is important.  Hopefully you are working with a local system provider who can coach you on all the different types of systems and their roles.  They also can share their experience with other businesses and their best practices.  You also may want to check out other establishments yourself and see what they have in place and how they are using it.  Having the proper hardware is a must for your business to run smoothly.  Remember that having good food is half the battle, customers demand exceptional service and getting them out the door in a timely fashion plays a major role.

Restaurant POS Software

There is no secret that in the technology realm there is some “bait and chumming” going on.  I compare it to printer manufacturers who bait you in on the low cost of a printer and then throw a bucket of chum on you when you go to purchase ink!  Your just better off buying new printers every-time.  Same goes for some POS software.  Sometimes the upgrades cost as much as the original system, if not more.  However, most tablet based POS systems that are offered through an APP store rarely charge for upgrades.  Do your research up front to save you money down the road.

Learning Your POS System

What good is the “World’s Best POS System” if no one knows how to use it.  This is where employee training is crucial. We recently wrote a post on EMV training, and how it can speed up the transaction time at check-out, resulting in speeding up business and increasing productivity.  Most companies do not take advantage of their POS systems for the simple fact that they do not know how to operate all the features that are built-in.  In our high paced society, it is important to make time for training so that the business can maximize on the cost savings.  An area most overlooked is the sales and inventory reporting tools, which in addition to cutting costs, can also increase efficiency.

Credit Card Processing

You’ve done your homework and decided on the food supplier for your business, but just as equally important is deciding on the right payment processor.  This is where dealing with a local processor representative is important.  Businesses are still built on relationships and face to face contact, after all you wouldn’t want your customers to just order food off the internet.

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