Last Minute Retailer Tips for Black Friday

 In Point of Sale

T-Minus 9 days and retail-a-geddon is upon us, with predicted aftershocks on Saturday and Monday. It’s a time that retailers both anticipate and dread. Black Friday is the traditional kick off of the holiday shopping season, even though most large stores want it to start while the turkey is still in the oven. It is followed by Small Business Saturday and then Cyber Monday. We have done the research and have put together a quick last minute check list.

  • Be in the Holiday Spirit

It’s not too late to create the Norman Rockwell scene in your store! Don’t forget the holiday music, decorations and even the pine and cinnamon smell of Christmas. The holiday spirit is also the buying spirit. This will make it enjoyable for your customers and your employees. Keep in mind the life cycle of your customer; it always pays to keep them coming back!

  • Keep the Sales and Specials Simple

Keeping your specials simple is easy for your employees and easy for your customers to remember and understand. You want to offer a good deal but if there are too many stipulations then it may turn off potential buyers. Having specials end at mid-day or at certain times may cause uneasiness and anxiety for your customers. Keep in mind some of them have been up since 3 or 4 in the morning.

  • Outside Store Safety

This is for in the store as well as outside the store. Make sure parking spaces are clearly marked and well lit. Add additional signage if needed to point to additional parking areas.  If it is a real concern, have a competent employee direct the parking traffic as needed. A person outside also creates added security especially for those worried about theft of items in cars.

  • Inside Store Safety

For in the store you want to make sure emergency exits are not blocked by extra products. Keep your isles navigable, especially if you provide carts. Keep in mind your stores maximum occupancy and fire codes. Review with your employees the plans for store emergencies such as shoplifting scenarios, overcrowding, unruly customers, and fire and medical emergencies. Familiarize yourself with the OSHA guidelines for retailers here.

  • Some Good Last Minute Advertising Tips

If you’re hoping for a great outcome, then you probably have your advertising lined up.  If not here are some last minute suggestions.Today’s tech-savvy customers can be reached via digital advertising on many social media outlets and is the go-to for last minute advertising. The popular platforms include Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Another form of digital advertising is email and using email blasts. Although late in the game for print advertising, you still might be able to do some newspapers and in-house direct mail pieces. Some newspapers have last minute deals that are hard to pass up. Whatever advertising you do, when the day comes make sure your staff asks how they heard about the sale. Tracking your advertising will help you with your success on the next big sale or next years campaign.

  • And Remember – Easier and Faster checkouts with iPad Point of Sale Systems

Regardless of whether you operate a clothing store, salon, automotive shop, or mall kiosk, your customers want the flexibility that comes with a variety of payment choices. Credit, debit, and mobile processing platforms make paying easier and more convenient for your customers while providing security for the establishment.  Need help with your POS system, feel free to contact us.