2019 Retail POS System Buying Guide

What to look for in a Retail Store Point of Sale System

Not all POS solutions work for all businesses, and with the market flooded with providers and systems, it’s enough to make your head spin. That’s why working with a local provider has to play an important role in your decision making process. They can help see through the clutter and help design a system that is right for you, your business and your customers.

We have done the research and have outlined some of the best advantages to look for when picking out a point of sale system for retail establishments.

Manage Your Inventory

Any successful retail business can attest that the better you manage your inventory the better you have a grip on spending and profits. You want to be able to manage your inventory to the best of your ability, but you don’t want to waste valuable hours on it – that could be allocated in growing other areas of the business.  Multi-tasking is important and your system will need to help you view your product quantity on hand and be able to change products out quickly. This includes not only tracking your inventory quantities, but also tracking your pricing.  When your inventory runs low you want to be notified so you can re-order in a timely fashion.  Never run out of a popular selling item, and at the same time keep low inventory on items that do not sell as fast.  With a bar-code scanner integration, you will be able to find and track items quickly at time of checkout.

Help Your Marketing Efforts

With the cost of Marketing on the increase, retailers are looking to less expensive avenues and email marketing definitely tops the list.  It is important to stay in contact with existing customers after the purchase. “Can we email your receipt?” enables capturing email information at the time of sale, and is essential for this type of marketing. The simple concept of knowing who your customers are and getting to know their buying habits is the key to building a business. Your point of sale software should integrate this feature. Re-marketing is a great way to increase the life-cycle value of each of your customers and stay on top of buying trends. Customer relationship management is one of the biggest benefits of a new point of sale system.

However, the marketing doesn’t stop there.  Something that is often overlooked is the simple fact that customers are easily impressed with innovation and technology of having a sleek point of sale system. This visually reinforces your brand and also helps increase customer loyalty and repeat foot traffic, which ultimately feeds strong revenue growth.

Track Real-Time Sales Data

When you are relying on cash registers and manually processed reports just to decide how well you’re doing or not doing, it’s time for a change. You need to get your information at the speed of life.

To run an efficient business, you need to have access to the reporting tools wherever you are and whenever you want. You are able to make better decisions quicker with accurate sales data, accessible on your computer and on your phone. Other features to look for is the ability to Break down sales by department, keep track of top-selling products and more. The best solution for most retailers is the use of a cloud-based point of sale system.


As with any technology, it is important to have a company stand behind their product and services.  Access to How-to’s and training videos is essential to improving the learning curve. If you ever need to pick up the phone and call for help, there is someone there to answer your questions. After all, a streamlined check out process is a profitable process, especially when your business is in the busy season.

Move Forward

It’s a pretty simple process to get started with us. It’s not an exaggeration to say that most of our clients wish they had made the change years ago, but were reluctant because they thought the process was hard. We have streamlined the process to eliminate pain points and are able to guide you through the process with a ton of respect for your time. Check out our current retail POS solutions.

Move Forward with Motus Financial. It is our desire to help your business positively grow in many ways. Get started today by calling us at 608-819-8666 or visit us online anytime at www.MotusCC.com.

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