Not all credit card payments – are alike!

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Each merchant that offers services or products has different inherent needs for their business and how they can get paid. Here’s a few examples of the flexibility we offer for different industries.

Restaurants: Regardless of where they go, diners expect a great experience. They also expect to be able to pay their way, quickly and without hassle. For example, most people like to pay while still sitting at the table. We can help you improve your bottom line and your customers’ dining experience by accepting a variety of payment options, including state-of-the art mobile and counter-top tablet products.

Healthcare: Health-related payments occur online or at the time of service at the main desk. Oftentimes, this flexibility is appreciated due to the stress of the issues requiring care or the actual charges can’t be confirmed until it goes through coding, insurance, etc. Having a robust system to handle each situation is necessary.

Retail small business: By offering your customers multiple payment processing options, you are giving your business its best opportunity to succeed. Nowadays fewer people carry cash, relying instead on paying by credit and debit cards. So if you fail to include credit card payment processing in your small business plan, you are likely to experience many missed opportunities to make a sale.

Motus Financial offers customizable solutions to fit your budget and the unique needs of your particular venture. From a mobile business, restaurant or retail operation, mail order/telephone order (MOTO), Internet/e-commerce, or a combination of any of these.

We have recommendations for credit card processing solutions, depending our your needs and your industry. Small remodeling businesses may require only a virtual terminal payment option where a restaurant may need a cloud-based Point of Sale system.

Regardless of your industry, Motus Financial has the right technology and software solutions to fit your business needs. From on-the-go payments to taking payments at a dining table, we are able to meet your needs seamlessly.

Rick Lenz, Mason Tikkanen, CPP, Dale Tikkanen, CPP

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