Grow your business by using tablets, smartphones for mobile payments

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Mobile payment processing with Motus Financial is available in a secure electronic payments solution environment. It can open up all kinds of new sales opportunities for your business.

Mobile payment processing systems allow merchants to accept debit and credit cards without having to be connected to a wire. Most systems integrate with smartphones and tablets but there are also more traditional credit card machines that work on cell service.

According to Transnational, mobile payments (which encompass mobile wallets and mobile money transfers) are regulated transactions that take place through the customer’s mobile device. That is, instead of the customer paying for items or services with cash, checks or physical credit cards, mobile payment technology allows them to do so digitally.

One might use mobile payments as an alternative to credit cards because it’s more convenient and secure. Traditional credit cards store the customer’s information on the merchant’s point-of-sale (POS) terminals, while mobile payments do not. When utilizing a mobile payments app, the customer’s mobile device serves as a security token and creates a random code for the transaction, which makes the transaction more secure.

As a business owner, you would use a mobile payment app on your mobile device or tablet to accept payments for your goods or services. Mobile payments allow you and your employees to accept payments anywhere, anytime – it’s that simple. You want to make paying for your products and services as easy as possible as a business owner, one of the ways to do this is with mobile payments.

Motus Financial can help your businesses grow and succeed by using tablets or smartphones to accept payments, manage time and inventory, create reports and much more.

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