What’s the Process for Setting Up Credit Card Processing with Motus Financial?

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Is your business looking to offer credit card payment options to your customers? Are you frustrated with your current merchant services provider, but don’t what to go through the hassle of transitioning to a new processor? We can help provide some guidance to you by assessing your current situation and suggesting unique approaches to minimize transition time and put you in position to drive your business full-steam ahead.

In recent years, small business owners have been facing a growing tide of pressure from consumers to accept credit cards – including universal gift cards and all four major credit card brands. That pressure, combined with some extraordinary promises from a few processors, has put us on a collision course of confusion. We want to help straighten out the market with our transparent and straightforward approach to Processing Services.


Getting Started

Whether starting a new business or taking a new step with an existing one, we like to sit down with you to get to know your business. We have partnered with a select list of hardware and software providers that can provide a specific solution for your payment needs. Our website provides a breakdown of those solutions by industry if you would like to take a look.

In that meeting we can lay out the costs associated with each solution and be able to pare down options so that we can provide you with a Service Agreement. We’ll review each step with you and tell you what to expect in the transition – who will be contacting you and what you’ll need to put in place. If you decide to go ahead with us and submit your application and agreement, we move to the next step – implementation.



We will work with you directly to set up any point-of-sale (POS) system or integrated business system like Lavu or Shopkeep. We will work through training with key team members and lay out a plan for team training and overall timeline for implementation. Our team also provides live, real-person support for any question along the way.


Moving Forward

It really is a pretty simple process to get started with us. It is not an exaggeration to say that most of our clients wish they had made the change years ago, but were reluctant because they thought the process was so hard. We have streamlined the process to eliminate pain points and we are able to guide you through the process with a ton of respect for your time.


Our motto is “Moving Forward” and it is our desire to help your business positively grow in many ways. Get started today by calling us at 608-819-8666 or visit us online anytime at www.MotusCC.com.

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