Mobile Credit Card Acceptance

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Mobile Credit Card Acceptance:

Mobile payment acceptance allows businesses to take payments anywhere, anytime. In the past, if you wanted to accept credit cards in the field, your options were limited. You had a choice of using an old fashioned, manual imprinter with carbon copy paper sales slips or spending a significant amount of money for a GPRS credit card terminal.

With the emergence of the smart phone, you can now accept credit card payments anywhere. Now, any iPhone, Droid or other smartphone can be connected to a card swipe device and transmit data either through the phone’s data connection or its WiFi internet connection. Since most smartphone applications email receipts directly to customers, there’s no need to carry around a bulky imprinter and carbon copy sales slips.

The advantages to mobile credit card acceptance are:

·         Payment on the spot

o   Increase your cash flow by receiving payment approval immediately

§  No need to send an invoice or waiting for a check to clear

·         Cost effective solution

o   Swiping and authorizing credit transactions is less expensive then manually entering items when you return to your office

§  Can save 0.50% or more just by swiping

·         Increase in sales

o   Average credit card transactions are higher than cash transactions.

·         Peace of Mind

o   A transaction that is approved at the time of sale allows you to move forward knowing that you will be paid for the product or service you provided.

Mobile credit card payment processing is a great way to gain additional flexibility and provide payment convenience for your customers.

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