How Do I Find the Best Company to Process My Card Payments?

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Need a reputable service provider to process your card payments?

We recommend working with a local provider that is industry-certified to handle your credit card processing needs.

Local providers tend to appreciate your business more than the large, national firms. They also care greatly about their reputation, whereas large firms suffer fewer consequences for their poor customer service.

When looking for a provider, maintain the following criteria:

  • Short or no-term contracts
  • No early termination fees or other end-of-contract fees
  • Interchange and assessment pass-through pricing
  • Expedited funding (next-day deposits, if possible)
  • No equipment leasing
  • Compatibility with your existing equipment and software

For accuracy’s sake, it is best to take your three most recent credit card processing statements to the providers you are considering and have them do an analysis of your needs before generating a bid.

In fact, you should get this analysis done half-way through every year. As your needs change, so should the service you’re paying for–and you should only be paying for what you use.

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