Partnership With MBE CPAs

 In Case Study

A More Responsive Payment Processing Provider

  • CHALLENGE: Consistent, local, and responsive service from existing merchant services provider including ability to onboard and train multiple locations through corporate expansion phase.
  • SOLUTION: Motus Financial
  • OUTCOME: Relationship-first representation and same-day responsiveness for payment transactions. Travel-to-train support services across region and integration of existing hardware into new POS system transaction platform. All while reducing processing costs.

The Challenge

MBE CPAs ultimately needed an engaged partner to help facilitate card payment processing for their own transactions as well as a strategic partner to refer any clients in need of merchant services. Additionally, MBE was looking to reduce overall card processing costs and exposure from key input card transactions. With 7 locations, several of which were recent acquisitions, MBE tasked Motus Financial with integrating offices and implementing a seamless cross-platform payment processing solution.

The Solution

The Motus Financial team worked in concert with MBE to draft an implementation plan developed from an in-depth needs assessment. Part of the plan was a phasing in of services at recently acquired offices as well as on-site staff training programs. MBE was looking for a quick turnaround in order to avoid any conflict with “tax season”.

Motus Financial was able to incorporate existing card processing hardware during implementation which reduced the initial investment by MBE. Additional utilization of a virtual terminal to facilitate web-based transactions improved the client’s ability to accept payments in more flexible formats.

Long-Term Reflection

More than three years removed from the installation and
implementation of the new system, MBE continues to enjoy
the move to Motus Financial. MBE’s Doug Gross reflects on the
transition, “Motus was the obvious choice for us. From their top-tier,
real-time service to their continued interest in the success of our
business, they are truly a partner in our day-to-day operations.”
Throughout the relationship, beyond training and onboarding
regional offices, Motus Financial has continued working in the
background by providing automatic system and security updates.
Gross added, “We expect our card payment provider to keep our
payment information secure and up-to-date, but it isn’t something
we should have to continually worry about.”

Additional advantages of working with Motus Financial:

  • Multiple POS system solutions
  • Virtual, keypad, and iPad/tablet terminals
  • Travel-to-train and automatic updates
  • A more efficient and faster payment acceptance process
  • Coordinated, real-time service

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About Motus Financial

Motus Financial, located in Sun Prairie WI provides Point-of-Sale (POS) technology solutions and credit card processing services. Locally owned and operated, Motus Financial provides a complete suite of POS technology services to assist merchants in processing payment from credit cards, debit cards, and checks. Motus financial can also provide check processing as well as
a customized gift card program for your business.

Motus is the Latin word for motion and movement. Motus Financial was created in order to help our clients move away from stale industry practices and antiquated solutions. Motus represents a new way and a new opportunity to remember what leadership and service are all about.

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