Novanta Neapolitan Pizza

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Putting an End to Downtime

  • CLIENT: Novanta Neapolitan Pizza
  • CHALLENGE: On-demand, knowledgeable support to avoid downtime and missed customer orders.
  • SOLUTION: LAVU from Motus Financial
  • OUTCOME: Increased order opportunities and a reliable plan for over-the-counter card processing. On-demand support familiar with existing system and setup.

The Challenge

Novanta opened with a robust restaurant POS system, but struggled with initial setup and ongoing downtime issues that caused a loss of business. Repeated calls to support centers required lengthy discussions on historical context and troubleshooting. During downtime, customers without cash were turned away and the business owner was left scrambling to resolve the issue on his own.

Additionally, after only a year in business, the previous POS system provider informed the restaurant that they would be required to purchase all new equipment for continued use. The unplanned expense would have required a significant capital investment to replace a product that had an expected lifespan of 3-4 years.

The Solution

Motus Financial was asked to match the needs of the business. Besides providing responsive support and hands-on service, Motus Financial implemented an iPad-based solution called LAVU. As a complete transaction management system, LAVU has a simple user interface (UI) that allows team members to input restaurant orders and process payments without issue.

The equipment doesn’t require annual hardware updates and Motus Financial was able to provide suggestions for future equipment replacement planning.

“Because every transaction matters in the restaurant business, we needed a reliable, hands-on service provider. Mason and Motus Financial have been an amazing addition as a business partner. They make it their responsibility to ensure I don’t have to worry about missing customers because they don’t have cash.”

– Nick Mattioli

A Foundation for Growth

Because of the scalability of the LAVU point-of-sale system, including inventory controls, time clocks, reporting, and ordering options, Novanta is now in a position to grow. The POS business management system has allowed the owner to have an overview of business performance for multiple locations from one device.
“One of the key components of a business plan in the restaurant business has got to be a good payment processing provider, and Motus has only solidified my belief in that,” added Nick Mattioli.

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