Card Payments Help Tony Trapp Remodeling Grow

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Safe and Secure Online Payment Solution for Contractors

  • CLIENT: Tony Trapp Remodeling, Madison, WI
  • CHALLENGE: Convenient, hands-off card processing with support
  • SOLUTION: PayTrace online payment portal on
  • OUTCOME: Increased job size and overall sales, reduced job completion to payment times, eliminated mobile card processing equipment and handling of card information

The Challenge

After years of hearing he needed to start accepting credit cards for payment, Tony Trapp decided to approach his bank to explore payment processing options. He settled on a keypad solution where he would input each transaction one by one. He was paying more than 5% of each transaction for card and bank fees, so he used credit cards as more of an alternative option for payment than an everyday solution.

The bank seemed very disconnected from his business and with an occasional glitch, Tony found himself waiting on hold for support. Cards didn’t seem to be making it easier to receive payments and he was left to fend for himself feeling like he was overpaying for little or no service.

The Solution

Motus financial was asked what else might be available for card processing options that might help ease the transaction pains, ongoing equipment costs, and the seemingly high merchant fees. After exploring several options including mobile field card processing equipment and desktop terminals, Tony settled on a way to accept cards right through his website called PayTrace virtual terminal.

PayTrace has a branded landing page that doesn’t require complex on-site PCI compliance for the business website, but also supplies a secure and safe transaction environment. By enabling customers to control the payment process, Tony and his team no longer have to worry about getting card information correct or handling customers that send in payment information in the mail.

It simplifies the payment experience for his customers and, in doing so, Tony Trapp Remodeling offers card payments through Motus Financial with confidence.

“A few years ago, I started talking with Mason about card processing. I was paying 5% or more through my bank and I was outfitting my field staff with expensive equipment. He worked with me to come up with an online pay solution that enabled my clients to control the transaction directly through my website. We’ve significantly reduced our processing costs and improved my customers’ experience which is a big win for my company.”

– Tony Trapp

About Motus Financial

Motus Financial, located in Sun Prairie, WI provides Contractor Payment Solutions and credit card processing services. Locally-owned and operated, Motus Financial provides a complete suite of processing options for contractors including handheld field units and online virtual terminals.

Motus is the Latin word for motion and movement. Motus Financial was created in order to help clients move away from stale industry practices and antiquated solutions. Motus represents a new way and a new opportunity to remember what leadership and service are all about.

A Foundation for Growth

The implementation of an online portal for Tony Trapp hasn’t been all about saving money on each transaction. Accepting payments has legitimized his business as a major remodeling company in the Madison market. Many contractors believe that paying merchant fees are “lost income” and want to avoid it completely. But incorporating card payments as a strategy in a building, remodeling, or subcontractor service business can give a business a serious lift through legitimacy.

“I work everyday to make sure my clients are treated like I would want to be treated going through a remodeling project, and having a partner in Motus that approaches their business the same way has created a mindshift in the way we think about getting paid,” added Tony Trapp.

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