Operating with Efficiency – Point of Sale Win Study

Efficiency in a Point-of-Sale system can cement the foundation for expansion and growth of a franchise or restaurant chain. One recent case study from Aloha showcases how the right system can turn your organization from a one-off to a multi-location winner in your industry.

The team at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop foresees a future that’s as tasty as its famed fish tacos. In just nine years, the chain has grown from a single store in Fort Worth, Texas, to more than 63 locations in 10 different states. The restaurants serve up a winning combination of fresh Baja-style Mexican food, beer and cocktails in a casual environment where patrons can enjoy each other’s conversation or watch a game on the big screen. With growth on the menu, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop’s management team sought to create a highly reliable technology platform, while empowering individual store owners with point-of-sale tools to increase speed of service.

Paul Rickles, Vice President of Franchise Business, explains, “We selected Aloha because their platform is totally dependable and scalable and can be serviced both regionally and nationally. We wanted our franchisees to be able to access top-level service, whether they are located in Nebraska or North Carolina.” In addition, Aloha’s reliable POS system, which withstand continual daily usage, were a big draw. “We have very few service issues with our systems. That’s essential for our owners. They can’t afford to be down even for a minute,” says Rickles. Aloha prevents outages by building redundancy into its model. If a kitchen printer goes down, orders print by the register, and terminals can operate independently of the operating system. That model provides owners with peace-of-mind – and business continuity.

New Fuzzy’s Taco Shop franchisees typically implement at least two Aloha POS terminals to process orders swiftly, reducing long customer queues. They may also choose to add Aloha Order Confirmation Displays to their systems, enabling customers to review their orders, increasing order accuracy and reducing food waste. Franchise owner Mark Rogers owns a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, and will be opening a second location soon. Rogers uses two Aloha POS terminals to process orders and a third for bar and takeout
operations at his store. “They’re so easy to use. If I hire new employees, I can have them ringing orders an hour later,” he says.

Engaging Consumers

A former programmer, Rogers has customized his POS screens to meet the needs of his business and helped other area owners do the same. “I’ve created pop-up screens; categorized our products better; and added the ability to run a tab, which is important because we serve alcohol,” he says. Owners without Rogers’ skills need not fear: Aloha can help them make desired modifications. “Aloha employees are very helpful. They want to say yes. You can call them and say, ‘I want egg as a modifier on any taco, I want all burritos to be smothered in three different sauces and I want breakfast tacos on the Mexican plate,’ and they will get it done,” he says. Meanwhile, making simple changes, such as adding or removing menu items or updating prices, “couldn’t be easier,” says Rogers. “My managers can do it themselves.” In the near future, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop owners will be able to leverage customized screens created by the corporate office to up-sell and cross-sell items. Cashiers will be prompted to suggest add-ons to items, such as recommending chorizo sausage to mix into queso dip.

”Our menu is very customizable,” says Rickles. “Our guests like to put their own twist on their favorite items, creating unique flavor profiles. They love to “Fuzzy Up” their favorites, and we like it because it increases the average dollar amount per ticket.”

Managing the Operation

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is mandating the use of Aloha technology at all new locations and is requiring existing stores to migrate to the POS solution by December 2014. Thus far, Aloha POS systems have been implemented at 23 stores around the country. For Rogers, who is an Aloha pro, the POS system has helped him build his business. He singles out flash reports as one of his favorite tools. Rogers can walk up to a register and obtain sales, labor and product mix information for the past hour. “We use that information constantly. If business is slow, we’ll send someone home. If customers are buying a lot of one product, I’ll order more. You can’t always get that information from your cooks. The system also provides historical data, which allows me to track trends. We are constantly adjusting, so the more data we have, the better,” he says. “I want to have the most profitable restaurant possible.”

That’s a goal all Fuzzy’s Taco Shop operators can get behind.

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