How Do I Choose a Point-of-Sale System?

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If you are looking for a point-of-sale (POS) system, the good news is that you have only three options:

1) Pen and paper

Unless your restaurant has wheels or is offering something called the “Blue Plate Special,” you’re probably not going this route.
2) All-in-one system

This is both a hardware and software solution that takes up space with equipment and irritates employees with glitches and “freezes.” Until 2010, this was your only option besides pen and paper.

3) Cloud-based tablet system

This is the newest, most advanced option for point-of-sale systems. Cloud-based systems typically come with POS software and will recommend specific hardware partners to ensure that your system functions holistically.

(If you think that a cloud-based POS system has something to do with the atmosphere, option 1 is probably the best POS system for you.)

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