Credit Card Payment Solutions for Non-Profits

As fewer people carry around checks or cash, many non-profits are scrambling to find new ways to capture donations. Passing the hat or asking people to pull out their checkbooks only captures a small percentage of the possible donations in the room. Whether you are accepting simple donations, hosting a silent auction, accepting admission based on donations, or selling branded items, having the ability to accept credit or debit card transactions has become essential to maximizing development revenue.

Until recently, accepting credits cards was only an option for large organizations and simply not possible at offsite events. Many smaller organizations found accepting credit cards desirable, but implementation was simply out of reach. Many not-for-profits including churches, community organizations, or associations find it hard to justify the expense for adding multiple credit card processing applications across multiple platforms.

Most not-for-profit organization source donations online, in person at events, and from public and private entities. Until recently, many non-profits would need 3 or 4 different processing solutions to facilitate transactions. Making the jump to card-based solutions seemed out-of-touch for many organizations.

However, thanks to the spread of mobile technology, any organization, regardless of how small, can accept donations in just a few simple steps. With minimal training, our team can integrate a cross-platform credit card solution for your organization that could include silent auction fundraising, online donations, or even monthly contributions.

The newest idea we’ve encountered is a kiosk-based donation that utilizes one of our point-of-sale solutions and provides an on-site event solution to charitable donation processing. This is a great option for galas, events, or in-person meeting conversions.

The barrier has been lowered for cross-platform card solutions for non-profits, the question is “How much are you currently missing out on because you aren’t accepting cards yet?”

Frequently Asked Questions about non-profit donations:

What payment methods are available for non-profits?

Our services support donations via credit and debit cards.

Are contributions set at a fixed dollar amount?

Donors can choose a preselected amount or enter the specific amount they want to give.

Will donors receive receipts?

Donors can enter their email address when giving through an iPad and a receipt will be automatically emailed to them.

How quickly are donations deposited?

Donations are electronically deposited into your organizations bank account within 2 to 4 business days.

How will my non-profit organization know when a donation is made?

Once funds are deposited, donations will appear on our standard processing reports.

Is donor information secure?

Yes. Our card readers use end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of credit and debit card transactions.

What will the interface look like?

We will use the logo and color scheme from your website to customize the screens for your organization. If you change logos or colors at any time, we can update the screen to match your new look.

Is internet access required?

You will need a Wi-Fi or Cellular Internet connection to use the system.

Is there a solution for event payments?

Since the non-profit controls the funds, you could accept payments. Modules for full event registration may be available depending on your card payment solution.


Moving Forward

It’s a pretty simple process to get started with us. It’s not an exaggeration to say that most of our clients wish they had made the change years ago, but were reluctant because they thought the process was hard. We have streamlined the process to eliminate pain points and are able to guide you through the process with a ton of respect for your time. Check out our current POS solutions.

Our motto is “Moving Forward” and it is our desire to help your business positively grow in many ways. Get started today by calling us at 608-819-8666 or visit us online anytime at

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