3 Ways Motus Financial Changes Business

 In Motus Financial

Way too busy running your business to deal with tech glitches? We get it, that’s why we offer better, safer ways for you to rake in the profits.

1) An alternative to magstrip card processing

EMV cards are more secure than the traditional magstrip cards, and your inability to accept them puts your customers’ data in needless jeopardy. Find out why here.

If you would like to accept EMV chip cards or NFC (Apple Pay) transactions, contact us today. Our stress-free approach to EMV chip processing is an affordable and easy transition.

2) The ability to accept mobile payments

Mobile applications have become an integral part of how businesses interact with customers.  This includes mobile payment processing which allows you to accept credit cards anywhere and truly improve your customer’s experience.

The great news for you?  With ease of use and cost efficiency, enabling your company to accept mobile payments could be your most profitable business move yet.

The greatest news of all? Motus Financial can help you go mobile effortlessly.

We offer a complete mobile payments suite that utilizes the most reliable and safest card readers.

Let us help integrate your payment processing with our ability to retrieve and collect data for everything from mobile devices to in-store transactions. We deliver peace of mind with the use of encrypted devices and the ability to export data for easy bookkeeping.

Email or call us, and we’ll get you set up in no time. (Don’t you wish everything was that simple?)

3) A pay as you go option for new clients

No one likes to pay for something they aren’t using 24/7. And they don’t like being charged overage fees if they use too much.

Well, we’ve got some great news: This pay-as-you-go solution doesn’t demand a specific level of use.

Use it a little. Use it a lot. And only pay for what you use.

Remember, Motus Financial is more than a payment processor.  We help determine the most appropriate technology for your processing needs at a cost you can afford. We are your technology partner at every level.



Motus Financial, located in Sun Prairie, WI provides Point-of-Sale (POS) technology solutions and credit card processing services. Locally owned and operated Motus Financial provides a complete suite of POS technology services to assist merchants in processing payment from credit cards, debit cards, and checks.  Motus financial can also provide check processing as well as a customized gift card program for your business.

For more information, please contact us at 608-819-8666 or check out our website at www.motuscc.com and we look forward to assisting you.