POS Systems Edgerton, WI

Motus Financial provides Point of Sale systems for Edgerton. We facilitate, implement and train in specialized POS systems used in retail stores, hospitality industries, small and large restaurants and service oriented businesses. We provide the all-in-one solution of combining Point of Sale systems integrated with our payment processing. This integration is what many providers are missing.

POS Systems Edgerton, WI

POS Systems and Credit Card Processing Services for Edgerton, Wisconsin

We started Motus Financial because of the need for local support for retail POS systems. We aren’t a remote-based organization. We become part of the business and strive to act like a business partner. We facilitate transactions and build a trust connection between you and your customer. The transactions we process should be seamless and transparent operation. If your customer has a processing glitch, they may require immediate assistance. This is the advantage of local Point of Sale and processing provider. It isn’t something we say, but rather, something that is part of our core business. It’s something we are.

In Edgerton, there are many point of sale servicers that can help coordinate a credit card processing solution for you. However, with Motus Financial, we provide a full sail approach to the point of sale transaction. Our systems Lavu and Shopkeep have come to define the transaction experience.

At Motus Financial of Edgerton, the support we offer extends beyond a simple card swipe. Our complete retail and restaurant solutions extend into all aspects of your business including inventory, time management, employee tracking, gift card management, and order tracking. This is why we call it a full sail solution? We help you convert every bit of opportunity in your business to maximize efficiencies, and ultimately, the customer experience.

We have found that clients and employees are happiest when operations run smoothly and our credit processing systems deliver on this, every time. Is it because we know what running a business is like in Edgerton? It’s our job to know the best benefits our services can provide for your business.

Bar and Restaurant Point of Sale in Edgerton, WI

Utilizing one of our three main POS systems will make your bar or restaurant transaction more organized and more profitable. Our iPad-based card processing has revolutionized the market for many businesses by enabling controls in a streamlined environment. We offer Shopkeep, TouchBistro, and Lavu Systems as restaurant-specific POS solutions in the Edgerton area.Common restaurants utilizing our software today include pizza, Chinese, burgers, coffee shops, fast food, and local foodie restaurants.

Retail Point of Sale in Edgerton, WI

With different requirements come different solutions, so we’ve adapted Shopkeep and Lavu Systems to perform in the retail environment. The unique small business environment in Edgerton, allows us to get to know your business and fully utilize a POS system that respects your company’s culture while assuring the hardware horsepower your business needs to stay lean and productive. Examples of companies that use our retail solutions include boutique retail shops, hotels, clothing, and service providers requiring transaction coordination.

iPad POS Systems in Edgerton, WI

Our iPad solutions will revolutionize the way you go to market. Set up touch screen registers and mobile ordering devices directly on iPads. We will help migrate your team from a manual system to our comprehensive POS systems with our tailored software. Motus Financial is proud to be part of the Edgerton business community as a professional service provider and we would love an opportunity to showcase our multi-dimensional software in your business.