Accept payments online with a Hosted Payment Page!

Even with new types of payments entering the market, such as digital wallets, credit cards are still the most popular payment method. As a business owner, you need to be able to accept credit card payments for your goods or services. Fortunately, in today’s world, it’s easy to accept credit cards and you have several options as to how you bring this ability to your business.Accepting payments online has never been easier. With Hosted Payment Pages, you can simply add a link on your website to our provider and your clients can click to pay outstanding invoices immediately and securely.

Get Paid Faster

With a hosted payment page, you don’t have to wait for someone in your office to input a payment or remember to process a batch at the end of a business day. Settlement is automatic. And you won’t be waiting for a check to arrive in the mail because your clients can pay as soon as they receive invoices.

Minimize Receivables

Because online payments are easier and don’t require a trip through the mail, receivables can be better managed. There is no need to provide an excuse for a client not to pay. If you have an issue with an outstanding balance, a payment can be made while you are in contact with a client.

Reduce Payment Processing Equipment

For hosted payment pages, all equipment is virtual. There is no card terminal or printer or “system” to worry about or pay for. It’s a simpler, easier method for your business manage and a speedier way for your clients to pay you.



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